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Order of Themis Honored as Grand Marshall of the 2023 Greek Heritage parade in Chicago

It was a great honor to have the Order of Themis as the Grand Marshall of the 2023 Greek Heritage parade in Chicago. In addition to participating in the flag raising at Daley Plaza, members of the Order marched with other leaders of the Greek Community including U.S. Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis and John Koudinis, from Calamos Investments.

The Order of Themis recognized that our ancestors suffered, sacrificed, demonstrated courage, tenacity, will power, faith, fortitude, and foresight in fighting for our freedoms; all in the name of restoring a democracy that ancient Greeks brought to the whole word.

These traits are in our DNA and it runs through our veins. It’s what distinguishes us as Hellenes.

Freedom to speak your native language

Freedom to practice your religion

Freedom to read the books of your choice

Freedom to teach your history

Freedom to peaceable assemble

Freedom to have a representative government for all the people

Freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

It’s what the freedom fighters of 1821 fought for and what we strive to maintain in our democracy today.


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