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Order of Themis Holds Inaugural Induction Ceremony; Announces New Board of Directors

On July 13, 2022 the Order of Themis Hellenic Judges Association held it’s inaugural event at one of Chicago’s premier rooftop venues, Avli on The Park. This epic event served to introduce the first of its kind Hellenic Judges Association. More than two hundred members of the judiciary and legal community attended the event. Cook County’s Chief Judge Timothy Evans administered the oath of office for newly elected officers and board of directors surrounded by the founding members of the organization. Also in attendance was Consul General of Greece, Emmanuel Koubarakis,

In her remarks to the attendees, the Hom. Anna H. Demacopoulos announced that the mission of the organization was to promote and encourage respect for and understanding of Hellenic ideals, culture, traditions, and teachings as they relate to the judiciary, the legal profession, and the administration of justice and to defend the integrity and the independence of the judiciary. She recognized the leadership from the Illinois Judges Association, Jewish Judges Association, Asian American Judges Association, Illinois Latino Judges Association, Illinois Judicial council and other Philhellenes in attendance who have vowed work collaboratively with the Order of Themis to accomplish their common goals.

Attendees enjoyed the parea, food, music and breathtaking views. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick off.


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